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Release 0.3 - We All Need Some Space

For Release 0.3, I originally planned on working on another Brave desktop browser bug, but after perusing the open bug list, I wasn't sure if I could find anything that really took my interest. Thus, I began to search.

Toiling through Github's repos, looking for a project that was in javascript (a current preference for myself) I came across an interesting concept - an in-browser debugger. This project, aptly named Debugger.html, allows users to debug a web page in real time, without any other external programs. This means you can add breakpoints, run commands, etc.. in a more functional environment as opposed to the "inspect element" function of commonplace browsers. Currently, the project is focused on Firefox, but a Chrome implementation is also in progress.

The bug that I had chosen to work on regarded a visual issue, where there was no padding for one of the panels on the page. This caused the information inside to clump together, and did not follow the padding …

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